Coca-Cola Generator Replacement

Project:  Generator Replacement

Company:  Coca-Cola Corporate Office

Location:  Atlanta, GA

Challenge:  Removal and Install of 45,000 lb generator in a basement area of the facility without damaging the structure of the building and antique ceiling tiles.

Description:  Georgia Rigging developed a plan to meet the request of the client.  Once the plan was approved by the Engineering and Planning team at Coca-Cola, Georgia Rigging began the process of removal of the old generator.  The project was completed in 2 days, over the weekend to prevent any disruption in business at the Executive offices.

Georgia Rigging protected the structure and ceiling tiles using steel plates and two main support beams.  To remove the existing generator in one piece and install the new generator in one piece, we engineered a custom built jacking frame to support the generator as a whole.

While the project presented challenges and demands, Georgia Rigging was able to meet the specific request of the client to preserve the integrity of the building but also complete the project within guidelines required by the Engineering and Planning Department at Coca-Cola.